Vadim Zadorozhny’s Vehicle Museum is one of the largest in Europe and the largest in Russia private museum of vintage technical equipment. The best antique machinery of the last century was being collected here diligently during the long time: military hardware, weapons, aviation, motorcycles, and of course retro cars - more than 1000 exhibits. Vadim Zadorozhny’s Vehicle Museum can rightfully be called now a national-level cultural project.

Shelter for the old vehicles

In former 2005 the museum exposition consisted of about a dozen cars actually located within the empty field. Today constantly expanding collection has already filled three floors of the exhibition building and open-air avenues of the museum.

  • 2nd FLOOR: collection of motorbikes from peace and war time, the exposition of the American automotive industry, as well as sport cars from Formula One World Championship.
  • 1st FLOOR: rare examples of Western automotive industry since 1902. BMW, Alfa Romeo, Buick, past and gone Horch and Delahaye. There is also a collection of small-arms weapon and some military aircrafts.
  • -1st FLOOR (ground-floor): exposition "Garage of the Soviet Land". Here are the most striking examples of the Soviet car industry, from popular to high-ranking.
  • The museum area: open-air exposition of military equipment.
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