About the museum

Vadim Nikolaevich Zadorozhny: “This museum is not mine. It’s the country’s museum, the museum of Moscow and the Moscow Region. It simply must exist, since nowadays, in the general decline it is not customary to make comfortable, common areas for people. Everything is completely unselfish here.

Vadim Zadorozhny Vehicle Museum is one of the largest private antique vehicle museums in Europe and the largest one in Russia. It has the best antique vehicles of the past century: military equipment, weapons, airplanes, motorcycles and, of course, retro automobiles. All of them are repaired, and if not fully functional, look great from the outside.

The museum has restoration workshops, a large archive, library, office and administrative premises, a souvenir shop and a separate guarded parking lot. The "hallmark" of the Museum is a restaurant complex, which includes the restaurants Grand Prix, Museum and a real field kitchen.

The museum conducts an active expeditionary and research work, participates in the conduct of military historical reconstructions, including the annual reconstruction of the military parade on November 7, 1941, on Red Square.

There are  exciting excursions organized for our visitors, workshops on the assembly and disassembly of the Kalashnikov AK-47, riding on retro cars and armored vehicles on the territory and much more.





All-inclusive ticket (museum + area)

500 rub.

300 rub. preferential ticket*

Family ticket (2 adults + 2 children)

1300 rub

Outside Exposition

300 rub

Children under 6 years old (upon presentation of a document)


World War II veterans and disabled people of groups 1, 2, disabled children**


Large families (upon presentation of an ID) on the following holidays:

Mother's Day (the last Sunday of November, in 2019, the celebration falls on the 24th)

Day of family, love and loyalty (July 8)

Father's Day (the third Sunday of June, in 2019, the celebration falls on the 16th)

Children's Day (June 1)

International Family Day (May 15)



BUY TICKETS via link (поставить ссылку на покупку билета)


* Preferential Ticket:

- children from 7 to 17 years old, primary/middle school students;

- students of full-time departments of universities (upon presentation of a student ID),

large families (upon presentation of an ID)

- pensioners (upon presentation of a pension ID)

** upon presentation of a of group 1 or 2 disability certificate, a certificate of a disabled child.

Additional services:

Excursion programs (including English)

Riding on a retro car

Assembly and disassembly of weapons


Noise shooting gallery

FOR ORDER – email visit@tmuseum.ru

The cost of excursions on the internal exposition:

Number of people in group

Cost (in rubles), excluding tickets to the museum

50 minutes

1 hour 30 minutes

Under 5 people



6-15 people



16-25 people




The cost of excursions on the outside exposition

Number of people in group

Cost (in rubles), excluding tickets to the museum

40-50 minutes

Under 5 people


6-15 people


16-25 people


The tour is conducted in English. FOR ORDER – email visit@tmuseum.ru


The entrance ticket to the museum with an open date - 500 rubles. (per person) can only be bought at the ticket office of the museum.

Paid parking

Secure paid parking is located opposite the entrance to the museum (see map).

ATTENTION! On April 13, 2019 an additional parking space will be opened, this is the 2nd entrance 100 meters after the ticket office to the left.

Parking cost:

Monday - Sunday, entry/exit – 24 hours (any time)

The first 30 minutes are free, from 31 minutes to 60 minutes - 100 rubles, for each subsequent hour - 100 rubles. THE MACHINE IN THE PARKING LOT DOES NOT ACCEPT CARDS.

Payment is made in the parking meter and at the box office of the museum. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The penalty for the loss or damage of a parking ticket - 1 000 rubles.




Contact Information:

Ilynskoe shosse. 4th km, building 9, Arkhangel'skoye, Moscow Oblast, 143420

Directions by public transport to the stop "Lipovaya Alleya"

From the metro station "Tushinskaya":


buses number 541, 549, 568;

route taxis number 151, 541, 549, 568.


From the metro station Strogino:

route taxi №1067

From the Pavshino railway station of the Riga direction

buses No. 520, 824;

route taxi number 31, 49.


Museum hours:

Monday-Friday: from 10:00 to 19:00 (ticket office until 18:00)

Weekends and holidays: from 10:00 to 20:00 (ticket office until 19:00)


Monday-Friday: 10:00 to 17:00

Weekends and holidays: from 10:00 to 18:00

For media


Order of accreditation and permission to take photos:

For accreditation, arranging interviews, photo and video shooting, please call +7 (495) 662 38 18 or contact info@tmuseum.ru

To organize a shooting at the Vadim Zadorozhny Vehicle Museum it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the “Regulations on Surveys at the Museum1” and the “Model Contract for Photo Shooting”, and also send a letter to accreditation to info@tmuseum.ru specifying:


channel name

goals and objectives of shooting

plot summary

shooting time

the shoot place

Name of the film crew

model and license plate of the car


1.2 - will be sent in an email for review


Business Center


Modern comfortable business center for your business and leisure

The BC "Museum of Technology" provides the opportunity to rent office space from the owner, fully ready for moving in. Exclusive, ecologically clean area (Arkhangelskoe), a quiet and peaceful place away from the noisy metropolis. The atmosphere of the suburbs, in a large green area. Office premises of the BC have a corridor-room layout and are furnished. From the 3rd to the 6th floor are office premises, below them, the Vadim Zadorozhny Vehicle Museum. Offices are equipped with exhaust ventilation, central air conditioning, fire system, warning system, and electricity meters. Video surveillance, round the clock access to the territory. Own services: safety, operation, boiler room.



The total area of ​​the business center is 17,400 square meters.

Class: Business center class B+.

Year of construction: 2007.

Building management: Silver Arrow LLC.

Floors: 6 floors.

Parking: ground parking, VIP parking.

Lifts company LIFTMATERIAL (Germany).

Ceiling height of 3 meters.

High-quality materials for interior decoration of the office, modern engineering systems.

+7 (495) 662-38-18
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